Gemstone Remounting in Michigan City, IN

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Gemstone remounting is the process of removing a diamond or other stone from an old setting and putting it into a new one. This allows you to keep a stone that has sentimental value after the setting has suffered wear and tear over the years. One of the most popular reasons to remount a gemstone is to update a family engagement ring as it passes from one generation to the next.

Keep your diamonds looking beautiful by remounting them at Erickson Jewelers in Michigan City, IN.

3 reasons to consider remounting your jewelry

3 reasons to consider remounting your jewelry

There are several reasons remounting gemstones is such a popular service at Erickson Jewelers. Remounting allows you to:

  • Repair jewelry: Move your beloved stone out of a damaged setting and into something stronger.
  • Renew jewelry: Give an outdated piece a modern look by putting it in a new setting.
  • Reinvent jewelry: Combine treasured stones from two or more heirlooms to form one stunning piece.
Remounting a gemstone is also typically less expensive than buying a new piece. If you’re ready to give an old diamond new life, call our Michigan City, IN location to schedule a remounting appointment.